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    An Intoxicating Cocktail of Pop, Folk, and Jazz

    Featuring Mark David Stallard, Ryan Janz, Jared Adams, & Brennan Saul

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    The Band

    Take equal measures of pop and jazz add a splash of folk, then pour it into a chilled Martini glass. That about describes It's All In The Mind.


    "Feels a bit Barenaked Ladies," wrote one reviewer, "yet an updated version."
    Another wrote, "Very sweet and charming jazzy, easy grooving..."
    Who could argue with that?


    Mark David Stallard (lead vocals and guitar) has been writing songs since the early 1980s, when he performed in pubs and clubs along the south coast of England. Stallard's solo work has been licensed to Shaw Television Ltd and also reached the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest. Mark is also an accomplished animator and writer. He's also directing a web-based reality show as well as independent short films.


    Ryan Janz (bassman extraordinaire) provides melodic bass lines that saunter, rather than walk. But Ryan is more than just an inventive bassist, he is also co-writer on many of It's All In The Mind's songs, including their first single "I'm Alive." Ryan has worked with many Winnipeg artists and bands, both on stage and in the studio.


    Jared Adams (vocals and lead guitar) has been performing in Winnipeg since 2006 with a wide range of projects. In 2020 he released his solo CD, Tragic Nostalgia, an eclectic and unexpected mix of alt-rock, self-reflective folk, and layered, bombastic pop hooks. With his inventive guitar licks and kinetic energy, he often steals the show.


    Brennan Saul (drums) is originally from BC. His skills with the pagan skins has brought him invites to play with many great bands. He can pick up the beat in nanoseconds and he owns the groove before the song has even started.



  • The It's All In The Mind Movie

    Reach Up & Try Again is a short film starring It's All In The Mind


    A slice-of-life musical comedy which follows the members of It's All In The Mind's as they pick up the pieces after the pandemic devastated their musical careers and try to hit the heights they once never reached.

    Jared Adams, Mark David Stallard, Ryan Janz
    Director of Photography
    Jared Adams
    Sound Design
    Ryan Janz


    Writer & Director
    Mark David Stallard
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    Watch it NOW for free.


    Mark, Jared, Ryan, and Brennan in an animated fantasy musical comdey adventure series.

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